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تخصص ها و مهارت ها: About us
We, Shaanxi RONGLE petroleum machinery Co., ltd, it was founded in 2004 Located in BAOJI, SHAANXI, China. RONGLE is a leading research & development manufacturing enterprise which based on design and produce the rig equipment, rig components, Mud pump and spare parts, RONGLE has the technical manpower available to provide any services the customer may request, from planning and drilling of wells, to building site specific equipment for hard to drill areas. In addition, with rich experience in sourcing and processing of oil drilling equipment and oil production equipment like downhole drilling tools, wellhead equipment, fishing tools and OCTG.
We were started with the vision of being a highly customer-focused and vital new resource into the construction drilling market. We don’t want to be just another supplier to your company. We want to be your partner. Through every step of the job process from top to bottom our knowledgeable staffs are ready to help. Your success will transfer to our success.
We keep an extensive inventory and only use products that have been proven to be the most optimal on the market. We strive to provide the best quality of products and materials to limit your downtime and keep your job running.
What can we provide?
1.Downhole Drilling tools
Api srilling stabilizer/Drilling hole opener/Drill collar/Drill pipe/Sucker rods
2.Pneumatic brake system
Pneumatic clutch/standard pneumatic clutch
3.Mud pump and Accessories
Mud pump lubrication/Pulsation dampeners/mud pump liner spray system/crankshaft assembly/crosshead assembly/Mud pump attachment tools/pinion shaft assembly/fluid end assembly
Casing for oil and gas/Tubing for oil and gas
5.Oil and gas electrical equipment
Explosion proof electrical equipment/Water proof electrical equipment
Why choose we?
1. Quality & Price is always the most important thing
Best quality at the most reasonable price is always our company benefit. We cannot offer you the lowest price in China, but most competitive price with very good quality.
2. Effective communication
All of our staffs are professional and have strict demands on themselves; your questions will be fully answered in 24 hours.
3. Good Reputation
Our strong sourcing channels will always match your needs. We are also keeping good reputation all over the world.
China Standard Pneumatic Pipe Clutch

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